Ah Roy Dee Restaurant Thai-Myanmar Cuisine

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         Ah Roy Dee, located near the corner of Panbingyi road at Kyeemyindaing Township, is easy to find because of its significant decoration.
As soon as you enter the building located No.274 , Kyeemyindaing strand road, cold drink bar counter which is build with bamboo decoration can be seen distinctly.

        On the wall are paintings which reveal Thailand traditions and you will feel you were in Thailand.

       In the menu, Ah Roy Dee mostly offers the fare of ethnic people living in Thailand’s border area with Combodia and Lao rather than authentic Thailand’s.

       The fare of Isan people living in north east region of Thailand resembles Myanmar flavour.

       The dishes are sour, salty and spicy flavour mixed with fresh vegetables and fish, or chicken or pork.

       You can order Tom Saep ( tasty soup) with chicken or pork or fish or seafood. It is spicy, salty and sour. It is suitable for those who like liquid food.

      A compatible dish with Tom Saep is grilled pork neck salad, Yum Kor Moo Yang. The grilled pork neck which is rich with fatty and meat is tender and the smell is sweet. Moreover, the smell of roasted rice powder adds in the salad make you salivate. I recommend you to try it.

       What I want you to try more at Ah Roy Dee is green papaya salad.The shredded green papaya is crisp. The papaya salad in the mix of sweet, sour and spicy flavour available in different version: Som Tam Thai, sweet flavour, the likes of Thai in downtown,  and more spicy salad made with fermented fish sauce or salted
crab, the likes of Thai people from rural area.

       Grilled Chicken is a compatible food for papaya salad. Marinated chicken breast or drumstick is grilled over flaming charcoals. It is well cooked and delicious.

       Salt coated grilled fish should be tried there. Tilapia is gutted, stuffed with Thailand flavour spices, coated with salt and then grilled over flaming charcoal. The sauce for the dish supports the fish more delicious because of its flavour and smell. I believe you all will like it.

       You can eat those dishes with Myanmar steamed rice or Isan’s sticky steamed rice.
You can order authentic Thai food such as fried chicken, stir-fried vegetables, fried rice, stir- fried pork with holy basil or stir-fried chicken with holy basil.

       Thailand style fresh fruit juices are also available at Ah Roy Dee.

       The chef of Ah Roy Dee is a senior chef who had run an own shop in Thailand so it is sure that you can try real Thailand foods.
Ah Roy Dee locates in Kyeemyindiang but Thai people come and have their food with satisfaction. Because of its reasonable price, it is popular among Myanmar people too.

       Our group tested there for our Food Magazine readers and for me, lived in Thailand for many years, the foods available at Ah Roy Dee are real Isan foods.

Ah Roy Dee
No. 274, Strand Road, Kyimyindaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Ph : 09 3333 5477, 09 4250 50745

Thit Htoo (My Foodies)

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