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    This month, our eating out team arrived in a restaurant overwhelmed by white colour, which is located in Yangon International Hotel compound.

    It is La Taverna Mediterranean Birstro on which we can say that it is the first restaurant serving Mediterranean foods in Myanmar and different from the restaurants that The Food Magazine has reviewed before.

    Among the stalls along the hotel fence passersby on Ahlone street have ever seen, it is situated the right side of the entrance of the hotel compound. Once you enter the stall, white dining tables laid with a sheet of glass and chairs laid with light blue cushion will be distinctly seen.

    For those who love to relax, lower rattan chairs are laid in front of the bar counter. Dining tables outside the stall, inside the hotel compound and roadsides, are suitable for those who are happy to smoke freely. Diners who choose the tables inside the stall can see outside view through glass walls.

    Since Mediterranean food doesn’t refer to a certain country, the restaurant brings the foods from Isreal, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Morocco and Egypt, with a wide range of food culture.

    First of all, I’d like to introduce Tabuli salad, which is good for health, with Bulgur, tomato, onion, mint, parsley and olive oil dressing.

    Fattoush salad is the likes of Lebanon people. It came with toasted Pita Bread topped with spice.

    Appetizer is named Mezzes here , and some people have it as compatible foods for beverages such as wine or alcohol.

    La Taverna’s current menu offers cold and hot Mezzes, and diners can order each one Mezzes or Assorted Mezzes which is the mix of four Mezzes: Egg Plant Tahini which is baked eggplant  came with sesame sauce; Hummus with Chickpeas; Falefel which is stir fried various beans with different kinds of culinary herbs came with chili sauce; and Moroccan Cigars, a yogurt immersed in olive oil and mixed with spice is available with potato or beef. Traditionally, all these Mezzes came with Pitta Bread.

    I tried Turksh Fisk Kebab; fresh fish fillets are grilled after marinated with spice and skewered with lemongrass stick, and came with sliced grilled eggplant, tomato salad and  Tahini seasame sauce.

    Another Turkish Kebab is made with beef and came with mashed potato and vegetable salad. Minced beef is stuck at stick of cinnamon and grilled.

    Lebanese Shawarma is rolled lafa with grilled chicken , pickle and Tahini sauce. We have it with chili sauce. It came with French Fries, so children will like it.

    Mediterranean desserts resemble desserts from other countries in the world but a bit difference due to its ingredients.

    Desserts here are dates stuffed with various grains, cookies with dried fruits and sprinkled with honey before you have it, and pudding smelled rose water and so on. Turkish coffee smelled cardamom will support you to digest after having too much food.

    Wines compatible with the foods are also available in La Taverna. Silver branded wine made in Isreal is available as 2013 Syrah. 2012 cabernet sauvignon is branded Ramot Nattaly.

    Mediterranean foods are compatible with wine from Mediterranean region. OUZO , based on grape and smelled aniseed, is compatible with hot and cold Mezzes.

    La Taverna brings its authentic local food headed by a life time experience local chef with spice from its place of origin.

    For booking for tables in La Taverna, call 09 4211 390 27.

La Taverna
Yangon International Hotel
No.330, Ahlone Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Ph : +(95)9-421139027

Thit Htoo (My Foodies)

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