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        With the rapidly growing hotel and tourism industry in Myanmar, many foreign investment firms are quickly entering and trying to gain market share.

        I’d like to introduce you to Le Cellier, a newly launched French bar and restaurant in Novotel Yangon Max which is striving to fulfill the needs of consumers who want high quality standard of services and good food.

        Le Cellier, located on the 14th floor of Novotel Yangon Max on Pyay Road,is impressive and nicely decorated with some French art pieces. Our Eating Out group has also seen artist Maung Di’s modern art paintings for sale hung on the wall.

        Le Cellier is divided into two sections: A wine bar where 120 wines are available and a dining area where there is a different table setting and menu. Within the wine bar menu, guests can choose from wine, beer and different types of cocktails along with grilled or fried tapas.They can also spend their coffee time at Le Cellierwhere they can enjoy the superb panoramic view of Yangon city and the Shwedagon pagoda. The Hledan bridge can also be seen from the restaurant.

        Let’s talk about the decoration of Le Cellier dining area where there is a real French touch and ambiance with the background music.Paintings can be seen on most of the walls inside the dining area.You will be served freshly made bread when you sit in this area before ordering your meal.

        Let’s have a look at the menu now! You can see how impeccable the service is.Every staff who approaches you can explain about French food even though you may or may not be familiar with French cuisine. Moreover, they are good in providing their recommendations in terms of wine or cocktail pairing with food.

        I tried the pan-seared foiegras with mango chutney as a starter. The foiegras was tender and nicely cooked and the balsamic sauce enhanced the taste of the foiegras, making it even more delicious.

        Glazed terrine foiegras is a salty traditional dish served with French bread. Different kinds of French bread are available at Le Cellier for lunch and dinner.Melimelo salad with fresh tomato and cheese tartine is a suitable appetizer for vegetarians.

        Soups available within Le Cellier menu are the traditional onion soup, the asparagus cream soup and the lobster bisque soup. The onion soup is thick and onions are cooked with a sauce for a while.Pieces of bread are placed on the soup topped with French cheese and baked before being served.The asparagus cream soup is fresh and sweet and has a creamy flavor. I will never forget the smell and the flavor of the lobster bisque which was rich and very tasty.

        For the main dish, the beef tartar served with home-made French fries and mixed green salad is a dish which I think you will all enjoy very much. The minced tenderloin beef is mixed with western spice, lime juice, mustard, cucumber and caper.

        Grilled beef fillet with red wine sauce, potato gratin and vegetables is another well balanced main dish in terms of protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. The slices of half-cooked beef are served with baked potato slices, fried asparagus and a red wine sauce.

        Another main dish which we tasted and which was beautifully served was a pan-seared cod fish, artichoke purée with caper and lime juice sauce. The artichoke purée was a bit sour but, the fish was fresh and sweet in natural flavor.

        We also tried the French desserts:the chocolate fondant, citrus chiboust and berries terrine and we liked them all.However, my favorite one is Berries terrine as it is the most suitable dessert for Yangon’s hot weather.

        Le Cellier is open from 12pm to 2:30 pm for lunch and from 6 pm to 10:30 pm for dinner. Moreover, seats are also available in the outdoor rooftop terrace. 3 private rooms can be booked for business meetings or family gatherings. Currently,no extra costs are being charged for booking those private rooms.

        If you would like to try French cuisine combined with culture and arts, you can contact



No 459, Pyay Road, Kamayut Tsp, Yangon.

Le Cellier Wine Bar & Restaurant on 14th Floor.

Tel: 01 2305858

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