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    The restaurant Eating Out would like to introduce this month with rainy days is MIX Restaurant & Bar, which was newly opened in front of Vitoria Hospital on Taw Win road in Mayangone Township.

    The restaurant opened by Feel Group is a franchise of Thailand-based restaurant that earned many awards.

    MIX Restaurant & Bar, which is offering services Thai, Chinese and international foods by cooking  with more sophisticated cuisines, runs successfully in cities of Thainland and Lao such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khorat and Vientiane , and it now reaches to Yangon, Myanmar.

   MIX Restaurant & Bar, opened beside Feel and Taste 2, is a grand restaurant with great dining hall where decorations are unique.

    As with Feel and Taste 2, you can enter MIX Restaurant & Bar from both sides from the road and from the path leave the hospital. You can enjoy your food by looking at the scene of green grass outside the building through its glass wall which is mostly seen in the restaurant with high level service.

    The unique interior decoration is the work of Thailand interior designers. The great bar counter is seen at one edge of the hall.

    At the right edge of the bar counter is wine stand on which wine bottles with world famous wine brands produced from the wine making regions such as France, Italy, Australia and California are shown.

    Lower dining tables with sofa chairs as well as normal dissing tables are also available there. Moreover, you have an option of open air dining tables.

    Now, let me tell you about the foods there. Let’s see its menu. I believe you prefer Saffron scented fried-rice and Grilled Chicken or Pork with curry sauce for appetizer. You can have the grilled meat only by dipping into the sauce you like or have it with fried rice. The smell of the dishes and its flavour give you satisfaction. But as the amount of the dish is enough only for appetizer, you are ready to have main dish.

    Tuna and Australian Avocado Tatare, one of the salads in international foods, is a salad of tuna , oyster and avocado with dressing. It came with raspberry sauce and Tabasco sauce. I am sure you will feel fresh after having it.

    Spicy Banana Blossom with slow-cooked egg salad is a Thai. The mixture of soft banana blossom, pork, prawn, soft boiled-egg, green chili and a bit of coconut milk is not too spicy and not too rich. Pretty Delicious! Those who have been to Thailand will remember the experiences in Thailand thanks to that salad.

    Now, it is the time for main dish. It is the pork rib dish in which meat and vegetables are cooked for 36 hours with slow cooking method. Though it is cooked for one and half day, the meat is not too soft, but you can feel unusual flavour of the meat where different taste entered inside. Cheese and spinach, carrot and citron support the dish for nutrition and taste. Dried fruit and brown sauce make the dish more delicious.

    For drinks menu, MIX offers molecular cocktail, which is made with gold which benefits skin shining and are available in one of two places in Yangon, as well as wine from California, Italy, France and Australia.

   Advancing technique of mixology, a glass of cocktail is mixed with different flavour and smell. I’d like to suggest to try  Blue Planet, a cocktail included gold and Smoke & Spicy Midori Margarita, a smoking cocktail  with apple smell.

    For dessert, I’d like to introduce Baked Alaska which includes opposite flavour of sweet and bitter,  cold and hot. Strawberry ice-cream is placed on a thin slice of cake and topped with cream and baked.It came with a lot of strawberry sauce, and the dessert is baked at the dining table in front of you by pouring a kind of alcohol with a fruit smell to burn it. You can feel the opposite flavour in balance.

    MIX Restaurant & Bar uses imported meat, fish, seafood and spice and the foods are cooked by Thailand chef in the modern kitchen. Moreover, the polite and trained staffs offer impeccable and skilled service.

    If you want to book for reservation, contact

MIX Restaurant & Bar
No.68, Tawwin Street, 9 Miles, Mayangone Township, Yangon.
Ph : +(959) 253059922, 253059933,  253059944, 01 9663963
https://www.facebook.com/Mix Restaurant & Bar Myanmar

Thit Htoo (My Foodies)

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