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    For this month, our Eating Out team arrived at RANGOON Tea House (RTH), running at the first floor of an old building beyond Supreme Court on Pansodan Road.

    Since it is “tea house”, you will think that it will be a kind of tea shop  and you will remember of  its own features such as current hit songs in high volume, sometimes crowded with football fans and waiters in rush shouting ‘One Tea, Two Cof’, I think. I also think like that.

    However, as soon as we arrive at RANGOON Tea House, we firstly notice that it is not a kind of café we think and we have ever met.

    It is decorated with Myanmar traditional appliances with contemporary idea in refurbishing the colonial building as tea house. Big steel beams have supported in the middle of the dining hall to streng then the building.The wall is painted white while those beams are painted black.

    On the concrete sill of big windows in front of the Colonial building, Myanmar traditional appliances such as toys, household appliance and kitchen ware are placed as a decoration.

    Wall-mounted rack beside the entrance is decorated with Myanmar traditional toys as well as Myanmar essential foodstuffs. Bo Ohn Thee brand three-wheeled bicycle that children in the past played is decorated with a full load of coconuts, recalling children experience of yesteryears for elder people at the moment.

    Beside it is a long bar counter where tea, cold drinks and different kinds of cocktail are made. On the wall behind the bar counter, there is a rack holding different kinds of bottles of liquer. On the wall above the rack, “RANGOON Tea House” is written in black.

    For dining tables, the designs are in the past. On the table, Myanmar small stoves are used as container for spoons and forks. The glass, named NgaGyinKhwet which was popular in the past, has been used as tissue containers. Moreover, a big pot mostly found in Myanmar traditional donation ceremony is used as dining table at a corner of the dining hall.

    At the end of the pot dining table, there is a counter giving arranged dishes. On the wall-mounted rack behind the counter, the milk pots mostly used in tea shops are decorated posting the logo of RANGOON Tea House.

    Now, I’ll tell you about its menu. First of all is tea menu. 16 kinds of tea such as Cho seint, Paw Seint, Pone Hman, KyaSeint are shown with pictures showing how much milk or sugar or tea is included.

    Samosa, duck puffed, bean parata, Pyayparata as well as mutton samosa are the snacks available there as complement for tea. Moreover, MandoDumpling , a plain dumpling, are available with chicken or pork or fish.

    My recommendation is pork-stuffed dumpling there. The pork with rind, oil and meat (ThoneHtutThar) is baked till they are tender, and stuffed in plain dumpling. The dressing is Myanmar coriander leaf, Hoisin sauce and Sri Rachachili sauce. It is compatible with tea.

    Tea in different taste is available in cold version too. In addition, hot coffee, cold coffee and fruit juice can be attained there.

    Pickled tea leaves salad, pennyworth salad, Tofu salad, baked aubergine salad and samosa salad has also been available there, in RANGOON Tea House.

    I have tasted Chilli Cheese Toast, one of a dish in Small Plates. It is made like pizza with a lot of vegetables and RTH’s homemade bread_ pepper, onion and coriander leaves in proper proportion, and spreading substantial Mozzarella cheese. It is so compatible with tea.

    One more recommendation for RTH is Butterfish Fillet under Off the Grill menu. Butter fish is marinated with coriander leaves, salt, chili and lime and baked. It came with Shan’s pounded tomatoes, cabbage salad with garlic fried oil, and boiled sweet potato. RTH uses local product to cook Myanmar traditional foods.

    Tea Leaf Pork Chops, one of the special dishes of RTH’s Head Chef KoKyawThet, is popular there as a dish in western style with Myanmar flavor. Pork Chops marinated with garlic, green chilli, lime and pickled tea leaves is succulent and tender. It came with mashed sweet potato. You can get enough protein and carbohydrate for your daily life.

    I want to suggest that you should test Chai Beer. Chai is tea. It is a kind of cocktail mixed with tea and beer and some spicy ingredients. It is interesting and the taste is delicious.

    Another one drink you should try is Dragon Fruit Cocktail, mixed with dragon fruit and Sminoff Vodka. It is suitable for those who are happy to try new taste.

    Pork rib cooked oil, duck burger and Myanmar rice and curries are also available there.

    Though RTH is opened very recently, it is quickly popular among Yangon’s rich and trendy people. It is located in Yangon’s downtown area and easy to find. It opens at 8 am. So, it is suitable for those who want to have breakfast before their work. Moreover, it is a good spot to meet for business meeting at noons. Due to its cosy environment, all friends will agree to meet there after their work.  Additionally, it is a nice place for families for dinner and weekend lunch.

77-79 Pansodan Road, (Lower Middle Block), 1st Floor, Kyauktada Township, Yangon.
Ph : +95 9 7959 17465
Thit Htoo (My Foodies)

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