Secret Recipe at Tamwe’s Ocean Center

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    The restaurant I ‘d like to select for this month is The Secret Recipe , at the top floor of Ocean Center in Tamwe township in Yangon.

It is a franchise of Singapore based restaurant. You can find it easily beside the escalator. I can guess that it is a restaurant that consumers would be relaxed enjoying foods free and easy as it is not too splendid.

    The menu, featured foods from Asia countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Chinese  as well as European and  American fares, is on the shelf at the entrance of the building.

    Chicken Satay is always found in the appetizer list of the menu of most restaurants I have recently introduced. I’d like you to try it. The key of Chicken Satay is the tender of the meat. Another one fact that make Secret Recipe’s Chicken Satay delicious is the sauce with peanut flavour. It is not too salty.

    Then, I’d like to recommend to order Singapore Laksa. The coconut milk is not too thick , in line with Myanmar tongue bud. But, it is cooked as Singaporean traditional style . The various ingredients prove it. I can get the flavour of prawn at one spoon of broth. Also, I noticed dried prawn there. Fresh prawn,  tender noodle and coconut milky fried bean makes Singapore Laksa great.

    For Thai fare, I’d like you to try Tom Yam Kong . Another one is Green Curry, pork curry in basil curry paste with coconut milk. Only a plate of steamed rice is needed to enjoy the curry.

    For western foods, Lamb Shank which is one of the best foods in Secret Recipe. The main ingredient for the food, lamb shank, is imported from abroad. It came with Brown Sauce made with Secret Recipe’s own style and mashed potato. It is perfect with a small loaf of warm bread.

    Chicken Lasange, an Italian food, is minced chicken cooked with traditional tomato sauce. The flavor of fresh tomato is the main attraction of it. You can feel the smell of Italian spice also. I’d like to share the good news about the cakes in Secret Recipe. Out of the cakes that are accepted as the best cakes within Asia Region, I tried Durian cake . I can’t stop to eat them. So, I would like to urge you to try it. Different kinds of cakes are available and most of them are popular as best cake in Asia since they are made of imported wheat and chocolate.

    Secret Recipe guarantees its quality of food and service to be the same in its all franchises. So, do visit and try your favorite foods there.

Secret Recipe
Tamwe’s Ocean Center
Ph : 09250662871
Thit Htoo (My Foodies)

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