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    You may have lined up many plans to eat out as open season starts. For this month, let me introduce you with “Water Library French Fine Dinning” with a wide car parking lot opening up at the corner of Pyay Road and Manawhari road. You can have lunch or dinner relaxing with a glass of cocktail there.

    I have learnt that the first Water Library restaurant started to open at Thailand’s Chamchuri in 2009, and it is reputed for its decorations design, food and good service. Water Library Yangon is opened at a colonial building renovated with modern styles.

    Once I entered the building, I felt cozy atmosphere thanks to the welcoming smile of the staff there. The décor is created to be able to enjoy both ancient and modern art. The paintings on the wall are the handiwork of four Thailand artists. Fine workmanship sculptures are also found on the wall of each room.

    Water Library features 10 dining tables and private rooms downstairs while two big halls with a seating capacity of 15 to 20 people are upstairs. The halls are suitable for wedding reception or engagement event or office meeting.

    A hospitable trained staff came and greeted with warmly welcome smile as soon as I sat at a dining table. You can have home-made warm bread with butter while you are waiting for the dishes you ordered. The menu is mostly found French fares but includes Water Library’s experienced chef Sufian Zaini’s created dishes.

    I tried the creations of Chef Sufian Zaini, cold pasta from cold appetizer menu, which is inclusive of wasabi and seaweed, and crispy tofu from warm appetizer, one of the popular appetizers there and my favourite one. Chef Sufian Zaini’s tofu is fresh and delicious; the outside layer is crispy while the inside is tender. I would never forget the taste of having the tofu together with duck liver sauce.

    For main course, I tried Matsusaka A3 Tenderloin. Medium rare beef is tender and it came with Yuzu Kosho Jus sauce and mashed potato. I also tried Chilean Seabass, a fish dish, which I think the best for those who don’t eat meat. The skin is a little bit crispy and the texture is tender too. The Ponzu  Butter Emulsion sauce and lemon flavour in fish will satisfy you.

    I ordered Apple Tarte Tatin and Molten Chocolate Cake for dessert.  Apple Tarte Tatin came together with vanilla ice cream. The apple is compatible with buttery and crispy tart. Having Molten Chocolate Cake, that came out as melted chocolate fluid like a lava flow, with vanilla ice cream and sour berry make a real complete finish.
At Water Library’s Sunday Brunch are available seven kinds of eggs, two kinds of French Toast, three kinds of Pancakes and three kinds of Sandwiches. Business Lunch is available from Monday to Saturday and there is two or three course set menu. For the set menu with two courses will charge US$ 30 while for the set menu with three courses US$ 35. Its Bar Promotion after work during 5 pm to 7 pm is “one on you, one on us”.

    I found that everything made me satisfied after I tried there. The display of every dish, from appetizers to dessert, is beautiful like a painting. Moreover, all are delicious and I couldn’t stop to tuck in them after I had tasted them first.

    For reservation, the contact number is 01-221 721 and 214 361. The address is N0.83/95, Corner of Manawhari and Pyay Road, Dagon  township, Yangon.Have a nice time, all readers!

Water Library French Fine Dining
No. 83/95, Corner of Manawhari and Pyay Road, Dagon Township, Yangon.
Tel: 01221721, 214361

Syi Lwin (Foodgarden)

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